Insurance Litigation

For over forty years, Bill Hanna has represented almost all the insurance companies for actions involving suits against the carrier’s insureds, as well as defending the insurance companies from suits by their insured for claims for coverage.

He now concentrates on representing injured people against those companies who wrongfully withhold payments to people without justification. The experience that he gained from representing insurance carriers is invaluable in being able to document for them what is necessary for him to obtain quick and favorable results for his clients.

If an insurance company violates principles or regulations governing insurance law, it may constitute bad faith in denying a claim, stalling in making a decision on a claim, or requiring unreasonable actions or documentation by the insured to prove a claim. If a court finds that an insurance company did act in bad faith is adjusting a claim of its insured, in can subject them to not onlypayment of large sums of money for punitive damages, but also attorneys fees in addition to the payment of the claim.

His reputation for being a tough and formidable adversary is instrumental in getting them to pay fair compensation to his clients without the time, expense, and uncertainty of trial. They know he will try the case if necessary to protect his clients. Bill Hanna is your best choice for an insurance litigation lawyer in Myrtle Beach.


South Carolina Department of Insurance