Personal Injury

Texting & Driving – Personal Injury

Personal injury is an injury to the body as well as mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property. These injuries either physical or psychological, are the result of the negligence or intentional conduct by another person.

We are here to make sure you obtain quick and just compensation for an injury you sustained to your person. These injuries may be a result of an automobile accident, a defective product, a workplace accident, a slip and fall, motorcycle accidents, or construction defects. Personal injury cases include not only those involving direct physical injury, but those cases where there is no direct physical injury to you, but you suffer psychological trauma as a result to witnessing an event involving trauma to others.

The process of handling these two types of cases involves two steps. First, proving that the negligence or the intentional act of someone else caused the injuries to you. Even though you may also been negligent you are entitled to recover part of your damages if your negligence is less than that of the other party.

The second step is documenting and proving your damages. You are not only entitled to reimbursement for your medical bills and lost wages, but also compensation for pain and suffering, physical disfigurement, and loss of future earnings. In certain cases where the defendant’s actions are so egregious, you may be entitled to an award for punitive damages to punish him for his conduct.

After representing almost all the major insurance companies for three decades, I know what it takes to document your case to effectuate a quick settlement. As a personal injury attorney, I also have the experience to try your case in the event that negotiations are not successful.