What to Expect

If you’re on this site, either something bad has happened to you or something which will dramatically affect your life is in your near future. You’re looking for a Lawyer who will protect your rights and will fight for you.

When a tragedy occurs, injured people look for an attorney who is agressive and experienced, yet still give them the personal attention their case deserves. One who who believes in them and in whom they can place their trust. At Hanna Law, I personally handle every case from initial interview to trial, if necessary. I will be the one there for you at depositions, hearings, and motions. With thirty-five years of experience, I have litigated cases ranging from workers’ compensation, to complex construction, to catastrophic personal injury cases. Even though this is a small firm, I have the abiltity to bring to the table the resources and manpower of one of the largest law firms in the Southeast. I was once a partner in a law firm with over two hundred lawyers, and still maintain an alliance with them to act as co-counsel, if the need arises.

Earlier in my career I took pride in myself as a tough litigator who took no prisoners. Even though people want that in a lawyer, they also want one who is a shrewd negotiator who can get them results without the time, expense, and uncertainty of trial. I consider myself an old fashioned small town attorney who knows the importance of serving the multiple needs of both individuals and businesses. I pride myself on my reputation as experienced and aggressive litigator who provides skilled representation with a personal touch. I care deeply about my clients and recognize the fact that you are often seeking an attorney during the most difficult time of your life. If you’re looking for an experienced agreessive representation with a personal touch, give us a call for a free initial consultation.